Snow Lands of Dubai – Its’s Time To Beat The Summer


Snow Lands of Dubai

Summer in UAE will leave you wondering how you can beat the scorching heat with the snow lands of Dubai! Well, the answer to this is that visiting the winter snow lands will give you the ultimate relief from the dead heat of the sun. Snow is a rare natural occurrence in this part of the world. Both cities offer indoor snow and ice-themed attractions where you can experience winter activities and escape the heat. Here are some popular snow attractions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that can make you beat the summer more evenly:

Beat the summer with Ski Dubai

Escape the summer by exploring one of the largest indoor snow parks in UAE– Ski Dubai, as it holds many rides and attractions for everyone! Enjoy unlimited access to chilly and thrilling snow rides and attractions. Get one ride each on the Mountain Thriller & Chairlift and multiple rides on the Zorb Ball (Giant Ball), Snow Bumpers, Tubing Runs, and many more.

Snow lands of dubai

Skate at the biggest Ice Rink in Dubai

This summer, you can experience the real fun and thrill at Dubai Ice Rink – the biggest Snow lands of Dubai. This place will give you the ultimate opportunity to feel the winter by skating and enjoying snowfall simultaneously. Get to experience a frosty adventure this holiday season in Dubai’s biggest Ice Rink, with numerous activities to do for everyone. 

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Snow lands of dubai

Let’s relax and chill out at Ice Lounge Dubai

Relax at the cosiest lounge ever! Chillout Ice Lounge Dubai will let you beat the heat amidst the sub-zero temperatures in the desert. You make yourself comfortable with family and friends on this icy cold, beautiful experience! It is time to kick back, relax, and be mesmerized at this amazing snow lands of Dubai. Also, get stunned by the frosty cold interiors at the only ice lounge in the entirety of the Middle East.

Snow lands of dubai

Let this summer be as cool as the snow, which you can experience right in the middle of a desert country in the snow lands of Dubai! These coolest snow lands of Dubai will make you feel like heaven amidst the scorching heat of the summer.

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