Dubai Frame: An Ultimate Guide For Your Next Adventure


Dubai Frame

Excitement will know no bounds when you visit the Dubai Frame. It is one of the largest frames in the world that stands tall and gigantic giving a mesmerising view to stare at. Dubai Frame is one of the marvellous architectures of Dubai often described as the metaphorical bridge between the past and present of Dubai.

The iconic 150-metre-tall Dubai Frame is one of the not-to-be-missed destinations. The Frame also serves as an observation tower surrounded by glass panels. Because of the strategic location of the Frame, it offers a stunning view of Dubai City in the north and the spectacular modern cityscape to the south. So, are you ready to witness the grand man-made architecture of Dubai? 

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame Grand Architecture

Dubai Frame is one of the man-made marvels which stands at a staggering height of 150 meters above the ground, spanning at a width of 93 meters and weighs a total of 990 tons. The entire frame is crafted with gold-coloured stainless steel which proves Dubai as the City of Gold.

The Frame not only acts as an architectural grandeur but also showcases the rich extravagant tradition and culture of Dubai. It also embraces its past and future that holds limitless possibilities. The interior of the Frame will let you go spellbound as you will be welcomed with traditional music. You can witness holographic effects with a fusion of animation and aromatic scents with the use of the latest technology. 

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Dubai Frame

Fun Facts about Dubai Frame

Are you ready to dig into some untold facts about this grand and huge frame? 

  • The Frame is one of the biggest frames in the world is one of the magnificent landmarks in the UAE.
  • The Frame can be regarded as gigantic spanning 93 meters wide and 150 meters tall. 
  • The museum inside the Frame narrates the transformation journey of the city.
  • Dubai Frame is coated with gold-coloured stainless steel inspired by the Expo 2020 Dubai symbol.
  • The Sky deck elevator of the Frame transports visitors to the 48 level only in 75 seconds.
  • The Frame looks beautiful and eye-catching when lit up at night with colourful lights.

How to reach Dubai Frame?

  • Dubai Metro: The closest metro station to the Frame is the Max Metro Station. It is a 10-minute walk to the attraction. 
  • Buses: You can take the bus line F09 which runs between Al Wasl Park and Al Jafiliya Bus Station, which takes people to and from the Dubai Frame. 

Things to note before visiting Dubai Frame

What to Wear:

You can wear anything of your comfort that will let you walk around easily and is modest and covered as revealing clothes is not a culture of the Middle East.

Important Information

  • Differently-abled people can enter for free to the venue. Wheelchairs and pram/stroller are accessible inside the Frame.
  • You cannot bring outside food and drinks inside the venue.
  • Visitors should wear modest clothing like long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, or a scarf to cover their shoulders.
  • You cannot smoke inside the venue.
  • Visitors cannot bring toys or sharp tools inside the Frame.
  • One should not touch the items displayed in exhibitions inside the Frame.

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame can, therefore, definitely top your bucket list as this is one of the unmissable spots in Dubai. Capturing beautiful picture-perfect moments with family and friends is worth it.

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