Famous Zoos and Aquariums of UAE


Famous Zoos and Aquariums of UAE – Are you ready to explore?

Have you ever imagined how your trip to UAE would be if you hadn’t visited any of the famous Zoos and Aquariums? Your trip to UAE will definitely be incomplete without exploring the famous zoos and aquariums of Dubai and Abu Dhabi which holds a lot of adventure and fun as you will be witnessing multiple marine creatures, animals and many more.

Imagine being just a glass away from majestic sharks, hearing the cheerful chirps of colourful birds, or giggling as a playful monkey mimics your actions. Sounds interesting, right? Not only will you get to see these amazing creatures, but you’ll also learn about different species from around the world.

Ready to dive into a world of adventure and full of fun and knowledge? So, get your adventure hats, fill your water bottles, and kick off on this thrilling journey!

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Get ready to stare at the beautiful sea creatures that will leave you awe-struck for a moment. It is one of the largest suspended aquariums in the Middle East. This Aquarium is home to hundreds of marine species filling the 10 million litres of water and there is so much to see and explore of aquatic life.  If you love some more adventure, then there is cage snorkelling that can make you have a close encounter with sharks and much more dangerous species. 

One can see the King Croc here in the underwater zoo, which is also one of the wonders of nature. There are also other creatures such as false cobras, Veiled Chameleons, desert hedgehogs, fruit bats and barn owls. 

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Zoos and Aquariums

The Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai

The Lost Chambers Aquarium is more than just a fancy aquarium. The entire project is centred on providing the best infrastructure and care for marine life and preserving it. The Aquarium has over 65000 aquatic animals of various species showcased brilliantly in 21 different galleries. You will also be able to learn about ocean life as well as discover the significance of marine life conservation. 

Visitors to the Lost Chambers Aquarium can engage in an immersive experience that allows them to explore the underwater environment through both sight and touch. In addition to enjoying the amazing species that are all peacefully living there, visitors can plunge beneath the water’s surface.

Zoos and Aquariums

Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park will let you immerse in an adventurous world with different kinds of animals and their living habitats.  This is a 119-hectare animal sanctuary where you will find more than 2500 animals. The park is divided into different zones like the Asian Village, Arabian Village, African Village, Wadi, and Explorer Village. Each zone has its attractions and animals.

Enjoy the various live shows held in the park, including the Bird Show and animal feeding, and also make sure to witness the Amazing Creatures of the World at the Asian Village Theater. You can also try out refreshing drinks and snacks at the park’s various amazing eateries and cafes.

Zoos and Aquariums

Dubai Crocodile Park

Crocodile Park Dubai is a must-visit for any person fascinated by crocodiles, whether they are animal lovers or not. This park houses nearly 1,000 crocodiles of all sizes and shapes.  There are also demonstrations and collaborating shows that explain to guests about crocodile structure, activities, and preservation. 

You will also get to explore fun tours, learn cool facts, and take pictures with these incredible creatures. Perfect for families, it’s a place to have super fun and learn new things. 

Dubai Crocodile Park

The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi offers visitors an amazing opportunity to explore the wonders of marine life. It is stretched across 10 thematic zones that are home to 330 unique species and over 46,000 animals. 

Get enchanted as a world full of treasured fauna is waiting for you to explore through a glass-bottom boat ride or an aqua glass bridge walk. You can also experience personal time with marine creatures through the aquarium’s interactive experiences. From touching a stingray to participating in feeding sessions, these encounters provide a deeper understanding of the underwater world.

National Aquarium

Emirates Park Zoo

The Emirates Park Zoo is a paradise for kids and adults alike. It is filled with a variety of animal species and activities. Kids can learn about nature at this awesome park and have fun too! The park also offers a wide range of amenities, including an outdoor pool, free wireless internet, and free passes for the wildlife sanctuary.

If you enjoy wildlife, you will enjoy seeing the impressive variety of the approximately 1700 different species that live inside this complex. You get the chance to meet your favourite avian, reptile, or mammalian.

emirates park zoo

Dubai can really be a fun place to visit if you have explored these adventurous and marvellous zoos and aquariums which will definitely give you enlightenment as well as excitement at the same time. Do not miss these wondrous hotspots when you are in Dubai as you will surely experience a lifetime kind of happiness and thrill.

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