Infinity Des Lumieres – Explore its Digital Art Gallery


It’s time to explore the finest creation of Dubai – Infinity Des Lumieres, which can really be a wonderful place to visit during your trip to this city in the Middle East. Located on the second level of Dubai Mall, Infinity des Lumières Dubai is GCC’s largest and most upgraded visual wonderland that exhibits interactive artworks and digital artworks by legendary artists in Dubai like Antoni Gaudi, Kandinsky, Klee, and many more. 

Infinity des Lumieres Dubai is the fruit of the collaboration between InfinityArt, and Culturespaces Digital, the leading creator of digital art centers, including the renowned Atelier des Lumieres in Paris. Visitors can experience an imaginative world with a fine blend of the artistic world and the latest technology in the exclusive displays, unbelievable animation, intriguing sound, and dynamic movements of the art gallery. Infinity des Lumieres is one of the most iconic places to visit in Dubai.

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Infinity Des Lumeires – What to expect?

Infinity Des Lumeires UAE offers its visitors a fully immersive artwork experience with lights, sounds and visuals. You can sit, walk and explore the huge gallery as the art moves in every direction inside the Infinity Des Lumeires UAE. You will be mesmerized to witness the digital moving images in Infinity des Lumières Dubai. The museum has an area of over 2700 square metres and is equipped with over 130 projectors, 58 speakers and 3000 high-definition images, all of them pierced together in the digital masterpiece.

Infinity Des Lumeires Art Exhibits

This museum holds one of the finest digital art exhibits in Dubai and you cannot afford to miss this absolute beauty in the middle of a desert country.


Step into the world of Gaudi and you will be astonished to witness the limitless imagination brought to life through a blend of light, movement, and sound. Gaudi’s artworks transport you to an alternate reality, and here, you can dive deep into his spiritual connection with God. Using cutting-edge digital technology, brilliant colours, shapes, and music, the exhibition aims to conquer all your senses.

Infinity Des Lumieres

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The universe of Kandinsky at Infinity des Lumières in Dubai is where art transcends boundaries. Imagine yourself in a sensory symphony of light, movement, and sound, as Kandinsky’s colourful works come to life. His art is showcased through pioneering digital technology. Wander through paintings that delve into the depths of human connection and inner self.

Infinity Des Lumieres


This part of the museum mainly showcases the brilliance of Klee who is born into a family of musicians. His brush becomes a magical plectrum, translating into harmonical rhythms that you can feel. This exhibition goes beyond visuals, as it aims to capture all your senses. Explore Klee’s magnificent work, a testament to his theories on the profound connection between art and language.

Infinity Des Lumieres

Infinity Des Lumeires – Why you should visit?

  • Infinity des Lumières in Dubai is a mesmerizing wonderland that will take you into a whole new world of wonder and enchantment. You’ll be swept off your feet by displays that bring famous artworks to life in ways you’ve never imagined.
  • This place also encourages its visitors to be a part of the wonderful artwork. There are interactive exhibits where your movements and presence become an integral part of the masterpiece.
  • An unparalleled sensory experience will be created by the use of cutting-edge projection techniques and soundscapes.
  • The museum holds something for everyone whether you’re a fan of classic masterpieces, contemporary art, or even digital creations.
  • Infinity des Lumières can be a perfect outing attraction for families. Watch the awe on your children’s faces as they interact with the artwork, making it an educational and entertaining outing for all ages.

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The best time to visit Infinity Des Lumieres

If you want to experience a fascinating and relaxing time at the museum and in less crowd then you can visit during the starting hours from 10:00 AM. Tourists can have a closer look at the exhibits in these hours and can enjoy a memorable visit. Another time is during lunchtime when it trickles after 2:00 PM. Additionally, visitors can also visit in the early months of the year when special exhibitions are celebrated.

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