Exploring Dubai Desert Camping: What to Expect on This Adventurous Tour


Dubai Desert Camping

Do you want to experience an unforgettable Dubai Desert Camping adventure like never before? The true spirit of the city lies in the red dunes, and the best way to make the most of your tour is to go on a safari in Dubai. You can also try camping in Dubai as it will give you an incredible experience for a lifetime. If you’re looking for an adventure, this gulf city is the perfect place for it.

A paradise for adventure enthusiasts, the city provides its visitors with a perfect blend of modern highlights and authentic heritage. Dubai holds numerous experiences starting from camping to desert safaris, which you cannot afford to miss for any moment when you are in this dream destination. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip!

Dubai Desert Camping – A few things to keep in Mind

Camping in Dubai can be a real thrill and fun but you need to know about a few things beforehand:

  • The desert can be scorching during the day time so it’s recommended to bring enough water and sunscreens.
  • If you are planning to go on hiking then you must be in your proper outfit.
  • During night time the temperature can go tremendously down so keep warmer clothes with you.
  • Before setting up your camp, check with the local authorities as there are some places where you will not be allowed to camp.

Top Dubai Desert Experiences

Desert Adventures is known to deliver one of the most unique and memorable experiences in the most sustainable and innovative ways possible. The most adventurous and exciting experiences are:

Camel Ride

The ride on the back of a camel takes you through an expedition of wildlife while navigating across the lonesome desert of Dubai. Among the entire safari experience, the evening camel ride is considered the ideal one as it rides you down the massive dunes while providing a mesmerising view of sunset and falcon displays. 

Camping in Dubai

Dune Bashing

When it comes to getting a grand experience of an Arabian desert, nothing could be better than dune bashing with the Dubai sand safari. The journey features an adventurous 30-minute jeep ride at varying speeds over massive dunes. This heart-pounding dune bashing session will undoubtedly offer guaranteed fun and thrill.

Camping in Dubai

Quad Biking

The thrill of Sand Safari and quad biking is truly unmatched. Riding a four-wheeled motorbike on the uneven terrains of massive dunes and vast open canyons will provide you with a massive glimpse which is larger than life. Surrounded by unparalleled beauty, this tour will give you a chance to enjoy the most beautiful adventure terrains of the Safari.

quad biking

Desert Skiing

When you are in Dubai, skiing is a must. It not only breaks the monotony of your day-to-day activities but also fills you with so much vigour and enthusiasm. Skiing in the vast area will unleash your stress as you slide down the golden dunes of sand. The best time to go skiing or sandboarding is in the evening or before sunrise. 

Camping in Dubai

Air Balloon Ride

The hot air ballooning experience is truly unique. A journey 4000 ft above the desert makes you feel like you are floating in a cloud providing you a 360-degree view of the magnificent city. With such splendour of the ride, the best photos during the journey are guaranteed.

hot air balloon

Dubai Desert Safari Tour – Tips & Tricks

This Tour is a thrilling and fascinating experience that’s a must-try while you visit the city of Dubai. These tips and tricks will help you prepare for the desert tour and ensure that your trip will be hassle-free.

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What you can do during the tour?

  • Go on a safari in a Jeep
  • Enjoy yourself on a sandboard
  • Explore Hatta Heritage Village
  • Experience Wildlife at the Dubai Desert
  • See the desert from the Hot Air Balloon
  • Learn the Falconry

Other tips to follow

  • Every Safari tour should be booked at least 24 hours in advance. 
  • Always check age and health restrictions before booking.
  • Wear appropriate clothes. Your clothes should be tight enough. Keep a jacket to wear at night when it gets cold.
  • Book your slots well in advance, where you can find the Desert Safari Prices
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