Plan Your Standard Desert Safari – The Unmissable Adventure


Abu Dhabi – a place famous for its architectural grandeur and beauty is sure to leave anyone spellbound with its mesmerising cityscapes, coastlines, and various attractions that it exhibits. Apart from the modern attractions, gorgeous beaches, and many other marvels, there is something that you cannot afford to miss – The Desert Safari.

The Desert Safari is a must-visit as you will explore the gorgeous Arabian desert and experience rich Emirati culture in the best way possible. For a first-time visitor here are some things you should definitely traverse while stepping onto the desert for a safari.

Desert Safari Dubai – What to expect?

While you are in Abu Dhabi you should definitely experience the grand Desert Safari which will let you witness dune bashing, sandboarding, quad biking, and more. Here are the activities you can expect on the desert safari tour:

Dune Bashing

The utmost highlight of the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari is the Dune bashing which will take you on a ride across the massive sand dunes for 30 minutes on a jeep. You are going to expect exciting and thrilling twists and turns on the uneven and ever-changing terrain! It is absolutely adventurous and lets you feel at home away from the metropolitan area of Abu Dhabi.

desert safari

Quad Biking

Another interesting way to enjoy the safari is to go for Quad biking where you can ride your 350cc quad bike along the massive sandy dunes. Ride through the uneven terrains while admiring the sea of Arabian sand around you.

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desert safari


This activity in the desert can give the ultimate thrill and excitement as you need to balance yourself while sandboarding through the rough terrains of the desert. Think of it as the desert equivalent of snowboarding but just as fun and exciting!

desert safari

Camel Riding

It is the absolute dream of every visitor to ride the camels while exploring the desert. You can go either in the morning or during sunset, but either way, you’re guaranteed to see spectacular views.

desert safari

Henna painting

Aside from thrills and excitement, get some time to relax with the Emirati culture, like henna painting. Women usually try them to look beautiful and to flaunt them gracefully. Tourists are welcome to experience henna painting during their visit. 

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desert safari

BBQ Dinner and Shisha

It’s time to relax after all the desert activities with the delicious BBQ dinner served right in the middle of the desert. You can also energise yourself with some Arabian coffee and sweets. You can also try the traditional way of smoking, which is by using shisha, an apparatus instrument for heating or vaporizing, and then smoking tobacco.

desert safari

Belly dancing and Tanoura show

Another enchanting experience of this Desert Safari is belly dancing which showcases the traditional dance of Middle Eastern and North African cultures. The Tanoura, a folkloric dance of Islamic countries, is also a part of the show. Tanoura features vividly coloured costumes and movements that symbolize giving praise to nature.

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desert safari

Don’t miss this unforgettable and unmissable desert adventure while in Abu Dhabi.

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