Top 6 Facts About Dubai That Are Fascinating


Dubai and its fascinating facts

Dubai holds some of the most fascinating facts ever recorded. You will be astonished to witness the endless possibilities that Dubai is famous for. Dubai will simply blow your mind with its record-breaking attractions, luxury hotels, family-friendly theme parks, and world-class shopping malls. The city has become one of the most liked destinations for visitors around the world.

The multitude of attractive destinations in Dubai has made this place one of the most visited places. The TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award, has awarded Dubai the title of being the best destination in the world for travel in 2022 and 2023. So, if you are visiting this beautiful city then you should know some of the most fascinating facts that the place is famous for.

Top 6 facts of Dubai

Largest flower garden in the world

Dubai holds the record for the largest-ever flower garden with nearly 150 million varieties of flowers to stare upon. Dubai Miracle Garden since its inauguration on Valentine’s Day of 2013, has attracted a lot of visitors from around the world and has since become the most vibrant and picturesque destination of Dubai.

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Dubai Miracle Garden

Largest Shopping mall in the world

Dubai Mall is one of the largest shopping malls situated in the heart of Dubai. The mall has more than 1200 outlets for people to shop whatever they want. The ground floor of the mall is also home to the world’s largest suspended aquarium, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo and there is also a theme park known as Sega Republic. The fun fact about the Dubai Mall is that it spans an area equal to 50 football grounds.

Dubai mall

Biggest picture frame in the world

Dubai is also famous for holding the record of the biggest picture frame ever built in the world. Dubai Frame stands 152 meters high which connects two towers that are nearly 93 meters wide in Zabeel Park. The frame also holds a sky deck, a museum, a Vortex Tunnel, a Dubai Past Gallery, a Dubai Future Gallery, a Social Media Wall, and a souvenir shop. One of the most surprising facts about the Dubai Frame is that its height is equal to 50-storey buildings.

Dubai frame

More foreigners live in Dubai than locals

You will be really surprised to know that Dubai inhabits more people from other parts of the world than their natives. The economy of the city is home to a large number of foreign individuals including Pakistani, Indian, British, American, Bangladeshi and African making the city a diverse hub across all communities. Dubai has also become a global hotspot for business which accounts for more foreigners than locals.


Tallest In-suite hotel in the world

Dubai also holds the record for the tallest in-suite hotel, Burj Al Arab built on a man-made island near Jumeirah Beach. Burj Al Arab attracts visitors from around the world every year to witness its massive architecture and grandeur. The hotel has 202 spacious suites, with its Royal Suite being the most expensive hotel suite in the world. Another interesting fact about Burj Al Arab is that its splendid interior is made of 24-karat gold. It also has the tallest atriums, with a height of 180 meters.

Burj al arab

Public display of affection and love is not allowed

Dubai is famous for its strict rules and regulations and everyone must politely abide by them. Any sort of affection and love publicly displayed in Dubai is taken very seriously and you may face grave consequences. Kissing in public can even lead you to pay heavy fines or may result in deportation. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to abide by the rules and regulations of the local government of Dubai.


Dubai therefore, is famous not only for these record-breaking facts but it also holds a wide variety of other mesmerizing attractions and sights that are surely to dive into, once you visit this lovely city of the Middle East. Book your trip now and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the city of dreams!

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