Dubai Miracle Garden – Important Things To Know Before Exploring This Majestic Garden


Dubai Miracle Garden – Let’s explore this majestic garden

Hold on to your breath as you are going to witness one of the extraordinary and marvellous attractions of Dubai – the Miracle Garden. You will be amazed to stare at the vibrant blooms of the garden that will surely mesmerize you and make your heart skip a beat. This garden holds nearly 150 million flowers and is one of the largest natural flower gardens in the world. 

Every flower lover should definitely visit this place and admire the colourful beauties in the middle of the desert country. So, why wait any longer plan your trip now to Dubai and get to catch a glimpse of the flower wonders of Dubai.

Dubai Miracle garden

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Why Dubai Miracle Garden is popular?

The Miracle Garden is home to nearly 120 varieties of flowers and is the largest garden in the world spanning an area of about 72,000 square meters. The park holds diverse floral extravaganza, massive sculptures, and other sweet-scented attractions. The attraction earned many awards and recognitions over the years including two Guinness Book of World Records for the largest floral installation for the Emirates Airbus A380 and the tallest topiary structure of the Mickey Mouse replica.

How can you reach Miracle Garden?

The largest garden in the world can be spotted at Al Barsha South 3 in Dubailand. Any mode of transportation you can opt for and easily reach the garden area. The easiest way to reach is just to hop on the Dubai Metro to the Mall of Emirates – Red Line, then take RTA Bus Route 105 to the Garden.

Dress code for Dubai Miracle Garden

Visiting Dubai Miracle Garden urges you to wear something light and casual so that the scorching heat won’t sweat you out. Above that, a light and comfy dress can also make you feel relaxed and cool and let you enjoy the beauty of the vibrant blooms of the garden. You’ll also be walking around the park, so it’s ideal for you to wear your most comfortable sneakers.

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Dubai Miracle garden 

The best time to visit Dubai Miracle Garden

The miracle garden is open mainly during the winter and if you really want to enjoy the beauty of the colourful flowers plan your trip during November and March to see the flowers in full bloom. The Garden recently opened on September 2023 and it will allow its visitors to gaze at the wonderful blooms of Dubai till April-May 2024. 

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Tickets to Miracle Garden

You can book your tickets to Dubai Miracle Garden right here on Clity Laila!

Apart from visiting this attractive garden of Dubai, you can also visit other popular and iconic places that will definitely make your trip a worthwhile one.

Dubai’s Museum of the Future, IMG, Green Planet, View at the Palm, and Burj Khalifa are some of the most visited sites that cannot be afforded to be missed by any chance.

So, why wait grab your tickets now and plan your trip to the largest flower gardens in the world and other numerous famous attractions of Dubai.

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