Kid Friendly Attractions In Dubai


Kid friendly attractions in Dubai

If you are thinking of a place for some kid-friendly attractions, then Dubai should definitely be on your bucket list. Dubai is one of the superb destinations for kid-friendly attractions; from indoor to outdoor attractions, the entertainment for kids is limitless in this city. You can explore  LEGOLAND, Kidzania, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. The list can go on and on for exciting things to do in Dubai with kids.

Kidzania Dubai

Learning and playing will go hand in hand at Kidzania Dubai. It is an indoor interactive infotainment complex with paved streets, buildings, and a functioning economy. They can find more than 80 jobs to pick and choose from, like the dentist, cabin crew, firefighter, and more. Get a unique chance to watch your kid discover new interests as they are exposed to a specially designed ‘grown-up’ experience, where they learn and have fun. Filled with tons of activities to take part in, KidZania guarantees your kid’s excitement and safety under the guidance of special ‘supervisors’.

kidzania dubai

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai holds numerous attractions for kids, and Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is among them. It is one of the largest indoor suspended aquariums in the Middle East. Children can learn about more than 30,000 aquatic animals, feed them food, and enjoy a walk to through a tunnel between the aquarium. Entertainingly learning more about aquatic animals would be the best part of your Dubai trip with kids. You can also take a walk through the 48-meter-long tunnel that will give you an enlightening 270-degree view of the humongous aquarium. The Glass Bottom Boat Ride is the one thing you cannot miss. Experience an unaltered view of the aquatic life thriving under you on a glass-bottom boat.

dubai aquarium

IMG World of Adventure

Give your kids an opportunity to unlock their imagination at one of the most exciting theme parks in Dubai-IMG World of Adventure. This indoor amusement park holds numerous exciting and thrilling rides that will leave your kids in a moment of complete joy and wonder. This theme park is fully packed with family-friendly attractions that keep the whole family entertained. The park features several zones with different themes, including Marvel, Cartoon Network, Lost Valley, and IMG Boulevard.

The Marvel zone features rides and attractions based on popular Marvel characters, such as Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, and The Avengers. Whereas, Cartoon Network zone has attractions inspired by beloved Cartoon Network shows, such as The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, & Adventure Time.

The Lost Valley zone takes visitors on a journey through prehistoric times, with animatronic dinosaurs and thrilling rides. While, IMG Boulevard is the park’s main boulevard and is lined with shops, restaurants, and other entertainment options.

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Aquaventure Waterpark

Kids love to play with water, and when it comes to waterparks, what more do they need to jump on? Aquaventure Waterpark, one of the largest waterparks in UAE, has complete fun for all ages and promises fun that you can enjoy with your family. Kids have suitable rides that they can enjoy easily and have fun and excitement like never before. From water sports to relaxing out on the beach there is something to do for everyone. Get to see more than 65,000 fascinating marine animals which include sharks, eels, clown fish, grouper fish, and many more! Enjoy an opportunity to watch marine experts dive and feed the sharks.

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Dubai Dolphinarium

Dive into the most mesmerizing and adventurous attractions of Dubai – Dubai Dolphinarium. You can see that Dolphins can be your kid’s best friend, as both like to be playful and childish when you get in touch with a good companion. Swimming with Dolphins, watching bird shows, becoming trainers, and learning more about these water creatures are some of the best activities here. Kids will enjoy 5D and 7D cinematic experiences and click selfies with dolphins. Witness an amazing 45-minute show awaiting you, where you will get a chance to be close to bottlenose dolphins, fur seals, and other wildlife creatures!

dubai dolphinarium

Ski Dubai

Take your kids to the world’s largest indoor snow park – Ski Dubai and see them rolling in the snow! Kids will keep themselves enrolled in numerous fun-packed favourite activities, like making snowmen, skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing. They can also learn any activity and enjoy it to the fullest. Get one ride each on the Mountain Thriller & Chairlift and multiple rides on the Zorb Ball (Giant Ball), Snow Bumpers and Tubing Runs. Experience sliding down the snow on a toboggan sledge with your family and friends for some good old-fashioned fun and thrills.

kid-friendly attractions

Dubai Ice Rink

Kids can learn skating and enjoy the icy moments here at the Dubai Ice Rink. There are instructors available to impart lessons and even disco sessions to enjoy skating with lights and music. Smaller children can get little penguin supporters to aid in balance and avoid falls. This engaging unique experience will let you glide over the beautiful surface of the Olympic Size Ice Rink, so buckle up for a fun time! The duration of this activity is about 90 minutes and is suitable for people of all skill sets, from amateur to professional ice skaters. The desert has never been any cooler as you embark on the ultimate adventure waiting for you. This will include 6 rounds of skating sessions.

dubai ice rink

Dubai Miracle Garden

Who doesn’t love to be surrounded by beautiful flowers? You and your kids will definitely be mesmerized by the colourful displays all around. Dubai Miracle Garden has over 45 million flowers, making it one of the largest flower gardens in the world. Get to admire flower themes in the form of a romantic hearts passage, a mesmerizing butterfly passage, and an entire castle and much more. Also, get to admire the beautiful 15-meter floral clock and explore the fun-filled Smurfs Village at this flower paradise.

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Dubai Fountain Show and Lake Ride

With over 6,000 lights and 25 coloured projectors, Dubai Fountain throws up water for almost 500 feet in the air, accompanied by music. Dubai Fountain will undoubtedly leave your kids spellbound as they gaze at the wondrous beauty created by the light and music. Get to experience the world’s biggest choreographed fountain system from aboard a traditional ‘Abra’ boat. You can enjoy the vibrant fountain show of 22,000 gallons of water for an experience like no other. Enjoy a relaxing cruise on this giant synthetic lake as you bask in the sights of Dubai city’s beautiful views.

kid friendly attractions

Dubai holds a variety of kid-friendly attractions for everyone, be it your kids, adults or senior citizens. You will never be disappointed upon your visit to Dubai. Kid-friendly attractions are ruling the city as you can explore diverse attractions starting from theme parks water parks to winter lands. Therefore, Dubai holds many opportunities for fun experiences that will excite the whole family.

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