Top Cuisines of Dubai that you shouldn’t miss!


Top Cuisines of Dubai

Top Cuisines of Dubai is another reason to visit the luxury-dripping town. Your trip to Dubai will remain incomplete if you haven’t tried the different cuisines available there. You can treat your taste buds with the variety of food options available to you.

We all know that Dubai is a place famous for its stunning and iconic skyscrapers, marvellous architecture, dazzling skyline, and abundant extravagance and opulence. Dubai has now achieved another level of possibilities and success in recent years.  The luscious flavours of Dubai cuisine are something that must be tasted at least once in your lifetime. 

You can explore the popular traditional dishes made from organic, pure, home-grown ingredients to savour your taste buds. Have a look at the conventional and delicious Dubai cuisine, which makes food in Dubai among the best food in the world. 

Manousheh Pizza in Dubai

Taste the famous local pizza of Dubai which will definitely make you crave more such pizzas. It is a stretched dough which, is filled with home-grown ingredients and exotic toppings, including earthy Zaatar herbs, olive oil, and Akkawi Cheese, making it absolutely drool-worthy. 


Iranian Sangak- Popular cuisine in Dubai

Definitely a treat for bread lovers, this leavened flatbread is served in either a rectangular shape or plain and is made up of whole wheat. It is one of the popular foods in Dubai, which you should definitely try. This bread can also be made gluten-free and is the favourite food item of health freaks.


Chelo Kabab- Delectable Kebabs

One should definitely head towards Chelo Kebab if they want to try something tastiest than ever. Adding one more mouthwatering dish to Dubai cuisine, the Basmatice rice served with Kebabs is like having a piece of heaven in your mouth. 


Al Harees- The Taste of Tradition

If you want to experience the authentic taste of Dubai, then you should definitely try Al Harees. The dish is a fusion of wheat, meat, a pinch of salt, and a few hours of baking. It is absolutely delicious and is an important dish of Dubai Cuisine during the time of Ramadan, Eid, and weddings in Dubai. 


Al Machboos- Delicacy of Dubai Cuisine

This is one of the most appetizing dishes of Dubai and due to its zesty flavours, it is a unique dish of Dubai Cuisine that drives the tourists crazy as they take their first bite. Don’t miss out on their Salad and Raita, it also tastes heavenly.


Mandi – Appetizing Platter

One of the famous dishes of Dubai takes a long time to be prepared as the meat or chicken, whatever you are having Mandi with, takes a lot of time to prepare as the meat and chicken are cooked for long hours and then served with rice. This is one of the most popular traditional foods in Dubai. 


Tabbouleh – To Stay In Shape 

If you are very diet-conscious and have been working out for a long time, then the safest bet is to just go for Tabbouleh and enjoy the delicious taste while also staying healthy. It is a salad made with green onions, tomatoes, and cucumber. On top of that, it is also seasoned with lemon juice and fresh mint. 


Shirin Pulao- The Authentic Dubai Cuisine

If you are looking for Dubai’s speciality in vegetarian food, then you can go for Shirin Pulao, which is the thick, crispy crust, with carrots, and nuts, served with rice. It is Dubai’s speciality in vegetarian, and you should definitely try it. 

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shirin pulao

Fatteh – The All-In-One Meal

It is a type of early evening meal which has 3 layers, the first layer consists of the soaked bread, which forms the foundation, in the middle we have chickpeas, aubergines, and, the last layer consists of tahini-sauce toppings, and yoghurt. The best restaurants in Dubai serve Fatteh, so you can find it in several places. 


Falafel – The Love For Taste

Falafel is the most loved food by the locals, which is basically a deep-fried patty, or a ball. The Falafel is made out of ground chickpeas or fava beans. It is one of the most popular dishes of Dubai cuisine, and everywhere it’s cooked differently. 


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