Dhow cruise in Dubai – Enjoy The Beauty Of The Mesmerising Cruise


Dhow Cruise Dubai

Feel the beauty of the emerald waters of Dubai in the famous Dhow Cruise that will make you flow with the beauty of the waters. Dhows are generally traditional Arabic wooden boats that received an elevated status all over the world within no time. Nowadays, Dhow cruises are becoming favourite diner destinations for tourists as they serve delicious meals that will surely make you crave more.

This Famous Cruise in Dubai is the perfect escape for people who want to relax away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The cruise will let you explore the cultural heritage of the city. Those tourists looking to spend quality time with their loved ones must try the Dhow cruise.

One can select Dhow cruises in the following locations – Creek or Marina. Both of them will let you explore two extreme ends of the city. If you want to see the sites where the city’s history is deeply rooted visit Dhow Cruise Creek. 

Dhow Cruise Creek

The history of Dubai begins with two of the main places – Deira and Bur Dubai. These are the places behind Dubai becoming a traditional hub over time. Gold trade is what made these places famous and the expansion of Dubai was incredible after the discovery of oil. Dhow Cruise Creek will let you explore all these attractions with a delectable diner to treat your taste buds too.

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Dhow cruise

The Cruise at Creek will let you witness Deira Creek Tower, the National Bank of Dubai building, and the iconic Rolex Twin Towers. There is even more that can be added to Creek – it is also famous for The Gold Souk, the centre of gold trading for centuries.

From the Dhow Cruise Creek, you can see the Bastakiya, which dates back hundreds of years. Another famous spot at the Creek is Al Seef in Bur Dubai which is divided into 2 sections – one section is a medieval fishing village in Dubai, and the other is a marriage between the past and the modern. Dhow Cruise Creek is entirely different from that of Marina, it basically focuses more on the daily life of the ordinary people. 

Dhow Cruise boats at the Creek generally use smaller boats that are much cheaper than that of the Marina which is a little expensive. They are quite successful in preserving the ancient culture and tradition of the city.

Dhow Cruise Marina

The Dhow Cruise at Marina is a stunning modern neighbourhood mainly built from scratch. The two-hour cruise will let you immerse in the beautiful cityscapes of Dubai among which some of them are world-famous architectural giants. 

Marina is full of luxury and sparkle. The lustrous waterfront apartments in JBR are the dream homes of everyone coming to Dubai. As the Dhow sails on Dubai Marina, you have the chance to see the opulent buildings in the city.

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Dhow cruise

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Most people stroll the walkways, mostly European and American expats. People mainly come to Marina to enjoy a stress-free life away from the crowd and busy life. Therefore, the Marina is full of entertainment opportunities with high-end restaurants, shopping malls, and whatnot. Cruises offers many varieties like live performances, delicious food, dance, music and many more.

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