Travel Tips For Your Dubai Trip


Travel tips for your Dubai trip

Popularly known as the City of Gold, Dubai is a marvellous land of wonder and beauty that will not be enough if you appreciate your whole life. Home to ultra-modern architectural wonders, glitzy malls, and beautiful beaches, a trip to Dubai is on every tourist’s list. And if this is your first time visiting the Middle East and you have already thought about what to see and do in Dubai, you will surely have certain questions in your mind.

To make your Dubai trip easier for you to get to know the city, in this post, you will find 10 practical travel tips for travelling to Dubai with which you can organize the perfect getaway for your travelling. Let’s get started!

Travel during Autumn or Spring rather than summer

Plan your trip to UAE during autumn or spring because summer in the Middle East is so alarming that doing many of the outdoor activities you have probably thought about can be difficult. So, if you are planning to visit Dubai and want to enjoy the sun, sea, and swimming pools, then the two good times to travel are spring and autumn (mid-season). Both are also warm seasons but not as hot as summer, so you will be able to do outdoor activities without so much stress.

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Take hold of medical insurance while travelling to Dubai

Dubai is a quiet and safe destination with a modern and advanced healthcare system. However, health care can become very expensive if, unfortunately, there is an incident and you do not have medical coverage during the trip. In order to avoid such a situation, it is better to keep medical insurance while in UAE.

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Get hold of your documents and required currency

Obtaining a Dubai visa for Indians is hassle-free and takes only 3-4 working days, but still, it is advisable to process your Visa at least a month before to avoid last-minute panic or delays. Make sure you carry your travel insurance along with your passport and other important documents. You can also carry international Debit/Credit cards and withdraw AED from the ATMs.

Travel Tips For Your Dubai Trip

Be cautious while drinking alcohol in Dubai

The minimum age for drinking alcohol in the Middle East is 21, but there may be some bars that might not serve alcoholic beverages to anyone under 25 years of age. Although tourists may drink alcohol in authorized venues such as hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs, drinking or being drunk in public is not permitted.

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Enjoy the delicious Middle Eastern dishes in Dubai

Dubai is not only famous for its exotic and iconic attractions, but it is also famously popular for its tasty and delicious dishes that will make you feel like heaven. You can visit inside the malls or in Deira (the old center of Dubai), where there are traditional restaurants serving quite cheap dishes, but if you prefer to try the renowned restaurants, you will find them inside the hotels.

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Dress modestly in public places

UAE is famous for its rich culture and heritage, and while planning your trip to Dubai, be sure to carry a modest and sober dress, as the United Arab Emirates is a conservative country faithful to Muslim customs. That is why when visiting public places, it is best to wear sober clothing that covers the shoulders and knees.

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Travel Tips For Your Dubai Trip

Learn a little Arabic to cope in the UAE

The official language of Dubai is Arabic, but the most spoken language in the tourist areas is English. It is fine if you are not fluent, but the essential travel tips is knowing the basic slang as it will be helpful for you to communicate and will also make the natives more comfortable with and around you.

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These essential Dubai travel tips will surely ensure a pleasant and hassle-free trip to one of the top-rated destinations in the world.

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