Qasr Al Watan – Presidential Palace of Dubai


Qasr Al Watan

Qasr Al Watan is one of the mesmerizing architectural grandeur of Abu Dhabi that will surely make you awestruck by its beauty.  It is a working Presidential palace in Abu Dhabi and a majestic cultural landmark that invites you to discover the rich legacy of knowledge and tradition that has shaped the UAE’s journey. Qasr Al Watan boosts cultural understanding of the nation and emphasises its incredible history. 

This palace is one of the iconic attractions of Abu Dhabi with a design exquisitely crafted to tribute to its Arabian heritage and artistry. The structure and open halls echo its significance in Emirati culture. The palace houses the formal offices of the President, the Vice President and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

Qasr Al Watan

Qasr Al Watan is one of the perfect destinations for those who appreciate history, culture, and aesthetics. Sounds like the perfect weekend plan in Abu Dhabi right? Here are some things that you should know before visiting this marvellous place:

What is Qasr Al Watan?

Qasr Al Watan is basically a working presidential palace completed in 2017, houses government functions and hosts foreign dignitaries. This palace is also open for tourists to visit and learn about the rich culture and heritage of the United Arab Emirates. It is the city’s most impressive and unmissable attraction, the family-friendly Palace In Motion event. At Qasr Al Watan you will also witness the spectacular light and sound show that celebrates the UAE’s journey in three breathtaking acts that unfold in front of the main palace.

This palace is made of white granite and limestone, and its Presidential Banquet is embellished with hundreds of thousands of silver, crystal, and china pieces.

Qasr Al Watan – Why you should visit it?

This Presidential Palace is a must-visit one as you can cherish and learn about the country’s fascinating history and culture. 

  • At Qasr Al Watan you will get to marvel at the majestic hallways of the Presidential Palace.
  • Explore exhibitions that celebrate UAE’s rich Arabic heritage and learn more about the rulers and governing institutions of the nation.
  • Qasr Al Watan is more than just a palace, it is an enriching journey in a contemporary setting that reveals and reflects on the innovations that will drive UAE’s future.
  • This palace also houses the offices of the President, Vice President and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. While you cannot enter these offices, getting a glimpse of them is simply amazing!
  • The Palace is also the official visiting place for the UAE Cabinet and the Federal Supreme Council – the highest constitutional authority in the UAE. It is where official state visits and global leaders like the Pope, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi and Chinese President, Xi Jinping were hosted during their visit.

Qasr Al Watan – Inside the Palace

This Presidential Palace has many areas of significance and grandeur inside it and you cannot miss any of them to get explored.

The Great Hall

It is the heart of the building which deserves attention. It is one of the largest in the world and the largest in the region, measuring 37 metres in diameter. The intricate craftsmanship invested in every single element of The Great Hall is simply spellbinding.

Qasr Al Watan

Spirit of collaboration

This room was designed to host meetings of the Federal Supreme Council & summits of organisations. The organizations are the Arab League, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

Qasr Al Watan

The Presidential Banquet

This is the main place for all types of conferences and other official parties and seminars. The banquet has been designed so that the guests do not turn their backs on the hosts. One of the most popular meals served here is quzi – an entire lamb sitting on a bed of rice.

Presidential banquet

Presidential Gifts

Here, you can see the prestigious gifts that UAE has received upon their visit to foreign countries. Witness the carpets from Turkmenistan, an ornate sword and shield from Kazakhstan, armour from Japan and a beautiful khanjar from Oman, all adding a touch of beauty to the palace.

House of Knowledge

This room of the Presidential Palace features rare artefacts, books, and manuscripts including The Birmingham Qur’an, The Atlas Manuscript on Astronomy and Explanation of Lamiat Al-Zukak on law and judiciary rules and antiquities from the Arab world. You can also explore artefacts and historical maps that represent some of the earliest Arab contributions to human knowledge. 

Qasr Al Watan

Al Barza

Here, you can surround yourself with the traditional role of a majlis- a space for cultural, political and social gatherings. It showcases an engaging multimedia show that sheds light on the tradition followed by Emirati leaders to govern their people.

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Al Barza

Qasr Al Watan Library

This is the place of knowledge where visitors can explore nearly 50000 books and resources about the UAE and learn about the nation’s progressive journey. It houses examples of Travelogues on History, Architecture, Biology and Ethnography and also features a Digital Library collection of over 16 million items within the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Qasr Al Watan library

Palace in Motion (Light and Sound show)

At Qasr Al Watan you can enjoy a magnificent light and sound show projected in the facade of the iconic building. The show mainly draws a link between the aspirations of Qasr Al Watan and the vision of the nation. It, therefore, reflects the UAE’s journey of the past, present and future.

Where can I get the tickets for Qasr Al Watan?

You can book your tickets easily with City Laila. Once booked, you will get your online voucher instantly in your WhatsApp and email. Upon entry, you can simply present your voucher (either mobile or printed).

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