Green Planet Dubai – A Brief Guide


Green Planet Dubai – Let’s explore

Green Planet Dubai offers you the opportunity to experience a massive tropical rainforest with more than 3,000 species of plants, birds and animals. This is one of the most exotic areas of flora and fauna that you can witness in the middle of a desert country. Appealing to visitors of all ages, it is the perfect spot for a family outing or school visit. It even caters to fun events like a picnic brunch, swimming with piranhas or playing zookeeper for a day. 

Green Planet Dubai also aimed to educate its visitors about the important role the tropical forest plays in the future of Earth. It has four major layers, which grab the attention most while inside the planet:

The Canopy

It is that layer of the forest which is 30-40 metres above the ground level where sunlight and rainfall are diffused.

The Midstory

This layer mainly covers the branches and leaves of the plants, which forms a shadow type of blanket over the entire forest.

Forest Floor

A variety of animals, reptiles and insects inhabit this layer of the forest, which forms the core part in its entirety.

Flooded rainforest

This layer is the home to all water-living fauna that thrive in the wet, flooded environment.

green planet dubai - 4 layers of the forest

Green Planet Dubai not only has these 4 layers of the forest but also provides a unique experience to its guests through various other attractions.

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Creatures of the Night

  • Green Planet Dubai offers you the unique opportunity to discover the special activities of the nocturnal rainforest animals when darkness falls.
  • The walkthrough is carried underground, where The Green Planet Dubai operators have full control over the day and night cycles. Meanwhile, the main 7-story tropical biodome that accounts for the majority of The Green Planet allows in natural sunlight from outside.
  • They are nocturnal primates with reflective large eyes and ears that allow them to have more sensitive sight and hearing, helping them navigate their way in the dark.

creatures of the night

Green Planet Cafe

  • Along with greenness, enjoy the taste of delicious meals on the Green Planet and relax with your friends and family.
  • With an exquisitely “rainforest-themed” terrace, The Green Planet café is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. It is the number one spot to embark on the ultimate jungle-esque family breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Green Planet Cafe

Green Planet Dubai, therefore, holds multiple attractions, starting from witnessing over 2000 colorful cichlids, snapping a picture with the sleepy sloths or holding the creepy crawlies to taking a journey at the Creatures of Night; there’s plenty to keep the entire family entertained!

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