Dubai Ice Rink – Everything You Need to Know About


Dubai Ice Rink – Beat the Summer heat

Who wants to chill this summer in some icy and cosiest place ever? You are getting it right – Dubai Ice Rink has everything to escape you from the Dubai summers. This place is one of the iconic hotspots of Dubai which is definitely a must-visit for any tourist visiting this marvellous desert city. Dubai Ice Rink has become one of the top ice rinks in the Middle East, offering various activities like public skating, disco nights, and ice hockey games.

Dubai Ice Rink is the perfect place to spend this summer with your friends and family. The rink features state-of-the-art lighting effects, sound systems, and a large viewing area, making it a magnificent place to enjoy a memorable ice skating experience. Make your 2024 summer memorable by skating in the biggest ice rink ever.

Why you should visit Dubai Ice Rink?

Dubai Ice Rink in the Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall will take you into cold weather where spending time will be addictive.

  • Dubai Ice Rink will let you escape from the scorching heat of summer and relax in icy and cold surroundings.
  • You will get the chance to skate in the snow which is a fun-filled 90-minute session trying to balance while skating.
  • Dubai Ice Rink can be the perfect place to relax and unwind yourself after a day-long trip in the summer heat.
  • During your ice-skating sessions at Dubai Ice Rink, classic arcade games and concession food counters will always be at your service.
  • Dubai Ice Rink also envelops a “Dubai Snowfall” which will let you skate along with your partner as a blanket of white snow envelopes you.

Top things to do at Dubai Ice Rink

Dubai Ice Rink is a place where visitors can rent the ice for birthday parties, educational visits, regular hockey practice, corporate events, or ice skating. Here’s everything that you need to know while visiting this snowy place.

Public Skating Sessions

Dubai Ice Rink is the only ice skating rink in Dubai, located in Dubai Mall, that invites people of all age groups to ice skate with family, friends, a partner, or solo to have an amazing and thrilling time. It can be an ideal place for kids and those seeking to do something playful. The Ice Rink offers the best experience to everyone.

Dubai Ice Rink

Birthday Parties

Dubai Ice Rink also allows people to arrange the perfect birthday parties or corporate events and make it the coolest experience ever. The Ice Rink in Dubai is spacious enough with perfect furnishing and dining options. With a ninety-minute skating session, free admission of the celebrant, birthday announcements, songs, and more, the celebrant and his loved ones can have a great experience.

Disco Nights

Who doesn’t love to groove to their favourite songs? Dubai Ice Rink also arranges disco sessions and the rink transforms into an energetic dance floor which makes its visitors enjoy it to the fullest. So, get into the groove, skate at an ice dance party, and have the best time of your life.

Dubai Ice Rink

School Visits

This Ice Rink also allows students from schools to visit and have interactive skating sessions with the instructors who teach them how to skate on the ice. Students can enrol in ice skating sessions as per their interests and have the opportunity to learn it thoroughly. 

Dubai Snowfall

Skating will be more fun when a white blanket of snow envelops you. This will seem more romantic if you are skating with your partner. During ice-skating sessions, you and your partner can also engage yourselves in classic arcade games and savouring exquisite cuisine.

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Dubai Ice Rink

Tips before visiting the Dubai Ice Rink

  • You are always recommended to book your tickets earlier to avoid the last-minute rush and facing the disappointment of not getting the tickets.
  • Wear comfortable and warm clothes, like thick socks, as you can have chills at the rink. If the skating session includes an Ice Byke, one can avoid wearing loose clothes, such as trousers and coats.
  • Don’t carry any phones, electronics, or sharp objects while you’re out on the ice rink.
  • Lockers are available to keep your belongings while you are at the rink. So, no need to worry about your essentials.
  • Check the schedule to verify if any events or performances are taking place in which you can participate for immense fun.

Location, Timing and How to Reach?


The Ice Rink is located in Dubai Mall, Financial Center Road, Downtown Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.


The Ice Rink opens daily for the visitors from 10 am to 12 am.

How to Reach?

  • By metro and bus: Take the metro to Burj Khalifa or The Dubai Mall station. Upon arrival at the station, head out to the main road. Ride the feeder bus that goes from the station to the mall every 15 minutes
  • By metro and feet: Take the metro to Burj Khalifa or The Dubai Mall station. Walk for 15 minutes to Dubai Mall via the air-conditioned Metro Link Bridge

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