Food Options in Dubai – What Delicacies Can You Explore During Ramadan?


Food Options in Dubai

Are you aware of the number of food options in Dubai? You will surely be amazed when you will be going to taste the mouth-watering delicacies of Dubai. Food options in Dubai are unlimited and when Ramadan month of the year approaches you can experience even more on the menu. 

Ramadan is the month of the year dedicated to Muslims and celebrates their spiritual faith in God. During this holy month, visitors can experience diverse and traditional dining experiences ranging from traditional Emirati Iftars, and extravagant buffet offerings in hotels and restaurants to Ramadan tents with unique atmospheres, and global cuisine Iftars reflecting the city’s cosmopolitan nature. Are you excited to find out about the famous Iftar dishes during Ramadan time in Dubai? Let’s check out.

Iftar delicacies during Ramadan month in Dubai


Baklava is a Turkish pastry which is a sweet dish made with a dollop of rice and honey along with chopped nuts. It is widely available in Dubai all year round, however, it is accessible in its traditional form during the Ramadan month.

Food options in Dubai


Malfouf is basically a stuffed cabbage roll with fillings made of bulgar wheat and rice. However, you can also find rolls with other types of fillings which are mainly popular during this holy month in Dubai.

Food options in Dubai

Lamb Ouzi

Lamb Ouzi is a dish made from marinated lamb using different types of species and stuffed with a gravy of spicy nuts and rice. It’s a heavy meal in itself and serves as the main course in Dubai as an iftar meal.

Food Options in Dubai


Kunafeh is a delicious levanine sweet pastry made from flour, nabulsi cheese and water batter. This dish is basically a high-energy dish for fasting people who need an instant boost.

Food options in Dubai


Sayadua is a dish that is prepared using fish made up of fish fillet layers cooked in browned onions, spices and rice. It is one of the most important dishes during Ramadan for those who are fasting. This dish is delicious and is cooked mainly for those who can stay healthy after long hours of fasting.

Chicken Cheese Pakora

The main component of Dubai deep-fried snacks are mainly pakoras just like samosa, without them an iftar table is incomplete. Their fillings can be chicken, vegetables, pulses or minced beef, but among all chicken cheese pakora is best.

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Food options in Dubai

Top 5 Restaurants in Dubai for Ramadan Delights

You will never go out of food options in Dubai as there are various restaurants serving the best Ramadan delicacies. Let’s explore the top 5 restaurants in Dubai which serve lavish Iftar buffets.

Al Bahou The Grand Atrium

Al Bahou The Grand Atrium offers a vibrant Moroccan ambience set in a stately hall where guests can enjoy a rich Iftar buffet among close friends and family. Ramadan favourites like lamb ouzi, mixed grills and seafood saloona are all on offer to celebrate the holy month of the year in Dubai.

Address: Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road 25 Adjacent To Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Crescendo offers a great global culinary ambience for guests to enjoy world cuisine within the luxurious Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort. During Ramadan time, family and loved ones can break their fast with diverse Arabic favourites and other international dishes to satisfy diverse tastes.

Address: Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort, P.O. Box 71607, East Crescent, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Pele Pool Bar & Social Hub

Pele Pool Bar & Social Hub is a perfect backdrop to experience a delicious feast of Ramadan Iftar buffet. Lamb Ouzi and Vegetable Ratatouille are just one of the many traditional dishes on offer plus many types of soups and desserts to choose from. It’s the perfect place to celebrate with family and friends.

Address: Avani Ibn Battuta Dubai Hotel, P.O. Box 22315, Sheikh Zayed Road, Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Salt & Pepper Restaurant

This restaurant surprises with Arabic dishes enjoyed in a contemporary indoor setting or on the impressive outdoor terrace. The Ramadan Iftar buffet features a mix of traditional Arabian and international dishes, accompanied by refreshing beverages and captivating live cooking stations.

Address: 1st floor of Al Bandar Rotana Hotel Dubai, Banias Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


To celebrate the spirit of Ramadan, guests can savour a delicious Iftar buffet featuring Arabian delights complemented by drinks & engaging live cooking stations. The chefs at Channels have crafted every dish with care to bring the warmth of home to guests.

Address: Media Rotana, Hessa St, Barsha Heights, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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